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Curtis A Rhodes photography


I am a photographer...


I see things as shapes and forms, in colors and in shades of gray

I like seeing the possibility of a great photo

I like finding a great photo on an old negative I once thought of as a missed shot

I like the mechanics and beauty of the camera

I like film but

I like digital also

I like combining the old media with the new

I like the creativity of dodging and burning in Photoshop

I like holding a print and feeling it is exactly what I had imagined

I like human imagination

I like human interaction


The things I like to see...




Colors and tones

Interesting contours




How did I come by this?


I had parents who loved the art world

I enjoyed creating puzzles and models and drawing and painting and photographs

I was tutored in drawing and painting  when I a teenager

I immersed myself in photography and art books

I studied fine art at Southampton College

I studied photography at the San Francisco Art institute

I attended seminars

I studied photography techniques online

I practiced








Print Information



You can reach me here:         -           802-349-0041